With the participation of Dr. Henry Bell and students from Sheffield Hallam University, Sheffield, England.

Yesterday/Today/Tomorrow (Traceability is Credibility) is a conceptual participative work, created by Bryan McCormack, with at its core the visualization of the European refugee crisis and above all, to give voice to a people who don’t have one. A singular common voice for hundreds of thousands of people scattered across Europe, from over 30 nationalities (speaking as many languages) in majority children, often who can’t read nor write.
This subject-matter has been photographed, filmed and commented-on across all media in recent years so creating a work on this, through passive voyeuristic cliches would be pointless, as only the refugees themselves can visualize and give voice to this humanitarian disaster. This work was created by the participation of refugees : each refugee receives 3 sheets of paper and colored pens and is invited to draw 3 sketches, one of their life before (Yesterday), one of their current life (Today) and one of their life imagined in the future (Tomorrow).

Specially created for the Brownstone Foundation, this Installation Performance immerses the viewer in these drawings, in the heart of past, present and future of 45 nationalities and 50 different languages. By making these drawings, refugees leave their mark, reinvent their own culture and make their own contemporary voices heard as they lose all traces of their cultural heritage. Traceability is Credibility; without it, the existence of a people disappears. Every refugee design counts. Each drawing is a voice. Every voice counts.