We were fortunate that Gilbert Brownstone and Maigualida Santana from the Brownstone Foundation are sensitive to the work of the socio-cultural community project Soñarte in the community of Las Delicias in the municipality Cotorro.
For 3 years, we have held very different artistic and cultural workshops, also emphasizing prevention and social assistance. These workshops are designed primarily our children, but all adults and classes involved in our project. The results of these workshops was shown at the very heart of our community but also outside as so many appointments.
Given the need for us to have a space to conduct our workshops and we do, Mr. Gilbert Brownstone through its Foundation has supported us and helped to purchase in 2013, a house in the very heart of our neighborhood. This allowed us to increase our workshops and activities for the greatest satisfaction of our residents. We wanted to thank the Foundation as a whole for the significant contribution it has made to our project until 3 years.
We would be happy to welcome you to our office if you visit our country.

Members of the community project sociocultural Soñarte.

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Proyecto Sociocultural Comunitario Soñarte
Calle 36a, nùm. 9724 e/n 97 y 99, Reparto Las Delicias, Cotorro, La Habana, Cuba.
Telèfono: +53.7.682.19.93 mobil +53.5.827.65.91