The objective of the Brownstone Foundation is the promotion of social justice through culture. Since there is no freedom without culture and education, Brownstone Foundation supports social and humanitarian actions in favor of the development of culture and education. In this respect, one of the best examples of actions to defend social justice are those carried out by the National Centre for Sex Education ( CENESEX ) in Cuba, Mariela Castro Espin . CENESEX has made ​​the fight for respect for sexual diversity a priority. The Centre is open to Havana where youth, transgendered, doctors, researchers … dedicated to issues of gender and sexuality are crossed home. Italian photographer Paolo Titolo began photographing the Cuban reality for the book  » Cuba will  » published in Italy in 1994. Since 2012 , Paolo Titolo documents the daily Cuban transgender related activities CENESEX. Portraits that we present today.
Gilbert Brownstone , March 2014

Fátima XXXXXY – Photographs of Paolo Titolo
Let’s eliminate images , Save the desire immediately without arbitrary. Was the cry anarchists, marginalist and individualists who defended the great semiotician Roland Barthes in his famous book  » lucid room . » The works of Paolo Titolo are documents that go beyond the baroque generated transsexuality . They have given to see the sensitivity to achieve and to understand the context. Paolo Titolo does not distort reality and even if reality is subjective, it remains in the interstices of the understanding. Models pose freely, as overexposure of what is individual, as traces of an identity constructed in the utmost creativity . Paolo Titolo knows photographic plans to build not to distract the viewer. Decompose the image is not interested.  He prefers surprise . His camera does not take a Brechtian distance , but rather leaves the place obviously performative sequences endless . There is something that makes us jump beyond an image as Paolo Titolo has tattooed skin pixels of its models. This artist is not isolated experiences. His original training photojournalist allows us to be able to read the events that are presented to us in his photographs . No need to create a palette of colors with Photoshop. The most important technique that uses emotions are transmitted through the diversity of personal psychologies of the models , in which pleasure , pain , happiness , hope and uncertainty are presented. These contrasts emerges desire in its widest to assume the risk of their lives meaning. They breathe in their reality at home. Objects , the details with which they live are all information, trails , revealed in photographs to achieve the intimate world of these transsexuals. Paolo Titolo does not trap with its objective , it controls masterfully its framing but is aware that this fourth wall must be demolished. The result of this creative process is part of a personal memory of an artist who has lived near the considerable work done by Mariela Castro at the head of CENESEX . A project like this opens the intermediation as it is brought into contact with the crosses of social psychology and sociology . Maintained links with CENESEX here is the result : an exhibition in which it is possible to breathe the madness of photographic ecstasy.
Jorge Fernandez, March 2014

Paolo Titolo
Born in Palermo. Between 1983 and 1990, he worked as a photojournalist for the newspaper L’ Ora di Palermo. The photographic work of Paolo Titolo documents the history of the Mafia in Sicily this period. It was published in major Italian newspapers and other countries. In 1990 , Paolo Titolo collaborates with various international bodies that led him to make repor -tages picture in different countries in Asia, Latin America, Europe. His photographs are published by Stern magazine, He Di Venerdi Republica , New York Times, Der Spiegel, Panorama, Marie Claire …His work has been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions including Palermo (Italy, 1988, 1990 ) and Dresden (Germany, 1991). In 1990, he began to photograph the Cuban social reality to the book  » Cuba will « , published in 1994 in Italy. Year when he moved to Cuba. From 2012 , he began documenting the lives of transgender -related activities of the National Centre for Sex Education – CENESEX.

This exhibition is organized in parallel with the International Symposium Genres / Cultures / Companies – Questions about the transidentity with Mariela Castro Espín participation , director of Cenesex 28 and 29 March in Paris.