The Foundation manages cultural projects throughout the world, more specifically in Latin America and especially in Cuba where it has forged close relations.
In Cuba, it is actively involved in the dance, and plastic arts biennials, and has created the NOEMI PROJECT which includes:

The NOEMI ROOM :  A Dance Video Library  in La Havana

A space for the promotion of dance in Cuba, open to all. Continuing actions to materialize promotion projects and collaboration that lead the Brownstone Foundation with the Ministry of Culture of Cuba, a new space for the promotion of dance was inaugurated in 2006 and the Video Room Projections  » Noemi.  » Located in one of the rooms of the Dance Center of Havana, La Salle Noemi wants a central repository to broadcast the best of Cuban and international dance. This document provides background to support educational activities and exchanges in coordination with the training centers of dance in Cuba.

This collaborative project of the Brownstone Foundation with the National Council of Performing Arts (NACE) seeks to be a joint centers with research, production and artist promotion in the dance world, a place of exchange between professionals , teachers and students on the current dance. Room Noemi a living place where professionals are at the service of pedagogy: cycles themes, master lectures, workshops, etc.., Which focus their speeches on bodily practices, movement and dance, are planned.

Noemi Room Address : Dance Center of Havana, Prado, No. 111, between Refugio and Genio, Old Havana. Cuba.

NOTICE: Choreographer, Choreographic Centres … you can support The NOEMI ROOM, by sending your visual works either directly Dance Center of Havana to the attention of Mr. Noel Bonilla Chongo at the foundation office in Paris.



On the occasion of the 9th Festival of Young Filmmakers (23-28 February 2010) Havana, Noemi Price  was awarded Ariagna Fajardo for his documentary « A dónde vamos ».Arigna Fajardo is in residence in Paris in 2012.
10th Festival for Young Directors in 2011, Naomi Price Brownstone Foundation was awarded to Milena Almira. In 2012, she received a special mention for his short documentary: UNO AL ALTRO Festival Biarritz in 2012.

For the 11th Festival of Young Filmmakers in 2012, Noemi Price Brownstone Foundation was awarded Yaima Pardo and Didier Santos for their documentary « Al final del camino ».



Read more about the Noemi Prize


In 2012, The Foundation sponsors the exhibition Traversia on an original idea by Mariela Castro, director of CENESEX with Adonis Flores, Alejandro Calzada, CArlors Martiel Elizabeth Ceviño, Humberto days, IA, Lázaro Saavedra, Marianela Orozco, Ricardo Rodriguez and Andres D.Abreu, the latter also Trustee exposure. Traversia is a collateral event of the XI Biennial of Havana – and V day against homophobia.
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In 2014 The Foundation presents an exhibition of Paolo Titolo intitled Fátima XXXXXY  at the occasion of the symposium International Genres / Cultures / Companies – Questions about the transidentity with Mariela Castro Espín’s participation, director of CENESEX, 28 and 29 March in Paris. The objective of the Brownstone Foundation is the promotion of social justice through culture. Since there is no freedom without culture and education, Brownstone Foundation supports social and humanitarian actions in favor of the development of culture and education. In this respect, one of the best examples of actions to defend social justice are those carried out by the National Centre for Sex Education (CENESEX) in Cuba, Mariela Castro Espin led. CENESEX has made ​​the fight for respect for sexual diversity a priority. The Centre is open to Havana where young people, transsexuals, doctors, researchers … dedicated to issues of gender and sexuality are crossed home. Italian photographer Paolo Titolo began photographing the Cuban reality for the book « Cuba will » published in Italy in 1994. Since 2012, Paolo Titolo documents the daily Cuban transgender related activities CENESEX. Portraits that we present today. Gilbert Brownstone, March 2014.


The Colmenita is an extraordinary theater of Cuban children, founded in Havana in 1990. The Colmenita was appointed UNICEF Ambassador. Brownstone Foundation is the sponsor of the U.S. tour of La Colmenita in October 2011.




Brownstone Foundation is an official partner of the Havana Biennial of Visual Arts.



The Biennial of Cuenca (Ecuador) inaugurated its 10th edition October 23, 2009. In previous editions, the Biennial of Cuenca has presented artists from the Americas, particularly in South America and Central America. Far from being a showcase for renowned artists, she has always kept its role to discover young artists, or at least emerging talents in contemporary creation. And the Biennial of Cuenca is a unique opportunity to discover new artists and new artistic experiments while enjoying at the same time to visit one of the most beautiful and fascinating cities located in the Andes. Cuenca is among others recognized by UNESCO for its architectural and cultural heritage. By cons, if you are looking for an artistic scene publicly listed on the art market and VIP parties commme is the case at the Venice Biennale, you enter the wrong destination.

At the 10th edition, the organizing committee, led by René Cardozo (Executive Director) and Jose Manuel Noceda (chief curator) decided to invite several European countries. Brownstone Foundation and was honored to have been chosen as commissioner to represent France, and chose to select the video « Eclipse » by artist Laurent Grasso.

In the end, the Biennial of Cuenca is 30 countries represented and 61 artists participating, responding with their respective proposals to the theme « Intersections: Memories, Realities and New Time » that offer a rich and varied panorama of the rising art scene.